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Pass Your IELTS Exam On Your First Try And Without Wasting Hundreds Of Dollars In Exam Fees!

Did you know that more than 70% of people fail their IELTS exam on their first try?

This is an example of Whatsapp messages I get from people in Singapore and all over the world every week!

As you can see, it's very common for students to fail not just one time, but many times! One student of mine, Andi, failed 15 times before attending my IELTS classes:

Prepare Properly So As Not To Waste Your Time & Money!

Not only did Andi fail 15 times, but he also spent 2 years of his life, attended many classes and wasted around S$5,000 (US$4,000)! That's a waste of a lot of time and money!

The truth is that Andi's situation is not that unique. Most students fail their IELTS exam many times before they pass because they underestimate the difficulty of the IELTS exam.

If you're interested to find out how you can properly prepare for your IELTS exam and pass your IELTS exam on your first try, then read on....

Introducing IELTS University Online Course

Whether you're a student in Singapore or in another country, this online IELTS prep course consists of 100% of the teachings and materials that my students in Singapore experience in my live group classes in Singapore. The only difference is that the teachings are on video instead of live in a class.

IELTS University Online Course consists of teachings, strategies, notes, materials and homework that will thoroughly prepare you to do well in all 4 components of your IELTS exam.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you sign up, you will get instant access to all course materials in a easily navigable platform.

There's a total of over 30 hours of video content and 200+ pages of notes and materials. To really benefit from everything in this course and to improve one's IELTS level, each student would be expected to not just go through the 30 hours of video teaching content, but also spend an additional 50 to 75 hours on homework given in the course.

Do note that while many unique strategies are taught int this course which has helped many students dramatically improve their IELTS score, hard work is still required. It is a combination of working smart (through what is taught in my IELTS course) and working hard that has resulted in 350+ students of mine passing their IELTS exam.

A Course That Has Produced Results!

Nearly 400 students have passed their IELTS exam (L, R, W & S) after going through these exact same teachings and materials.

Unique Strategies & Techniques

My Unique Writing Strategies & Templates have helped many students pass their IELTS Writing after faling it many times before.

Extremely Detailed Notes & Materials

My teaching and materials are extremely detailed. I keep updating them and incorporate new strategies and updated materials every so often.

Personal Contact & Support

Every student has direct access to me through my Whatsapp number. If you need any help or support, I am just a Whatsapp message away!

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Here's just a few of the nearly 400 student testimonials - from students who have passed their IELTS exam after attending my classes. Many of these 400 students came to my class only after having failed many times - and only passed their exam after taking my IELTS classes.

1st 20 Ppl Get S$200 Off (Coupon: 200OFF)

Here's What You'll Be Getting


Module 1: IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS Writing is the most difficult component in IELTS and Writing Task 2 (the Essay) is the most difficult task in IELTS. This is probably my most popular and effective module and contains my unique writing strategies and templates that have helped so many students finally pass their IELTS Writing only after learning and applying what I teach here.

Below is a fraction of the list of students who have have benefited greatly from what I teach in this module. As you can see, these students improved by between 0.5 and 2.0, with some of them failing 4 or 8 or 10 (up to 15 times) before attending my classes.


Module 2: IELTS Writing Task 1 (AC or GT)

I teach Writing Task 1 for both Academic and General Training IELTS students. My lessons are detailed and step-by-step and I also give students vocabulary that they should be using.


Module 3: Grammar & Vocabulary (For Writing & Speaking)

This is another very unique part of my IELTS classes. Very few teachers spend as much time as I do teaching grammar and vocabulary. Why do I spend so much time on this? Because it is necessary to do well in your Writing (and Speaking).

This is probably the most life-changing module as students who go through these challenging lessons not just improve their IELTS score, but also learn a lot of things that help them improve their English in general.


Module 4: Speaking

In this module, I teach IELTS Speaking strategies that you will not find elsewhere. Many students think they just need to practice a lot to improve their Speaking. That's wrong! That's why so many students fail their Speaking even though they think they are good at Speaking. The fact is that you need to understand what the examiners are looking out for and I go through all this in detail.


Module 5: Reading

Besides teaching skills that are needed to do well in Reading, I also go through the tricky two most difficult IELTS Reading question types and teach you how to avoid common traps. I also teach a method that no-one else teaches (because I invented it) that will help you truly improve in your IELTS Reading level.


Module 6: Listening

Just as for Reading, I teach a unique method I created that will help students truly improve in their IELTS Listening (if they actually spend the time and put in the hard work to apply it). I also go through various strategies one needs to do well in IELTS Listening.


Two Writing Corrections on Videos

One very popular aspect of my IELTS classes is that your Writing will be corrected on video by an actual ex-IELTS examiner (i.e. this person used to do the actual grading of IELTS Writing for the IELTS organization - it's extremely difficult to find this elsewhere!). And this ex-IELTS examiner, who is a colleague of mine, would be doing this correction on video!

So your writing will be corrected, commented on and you will also be given a band score too. Furthermore, you would be able to view other students' video writing corrections so you can also learn from other students' mistakes and see what a Band 7.0 or whatever is like (see below).

This is what some students have said about this Video Writing Correction:


WhatsApp Support

If you have any questions or want to clarify anything, you can always WhatsApp me your questions. I'm easily reachable through WhatsApp for my students throughout the day.

About The Course Teacher,

Jonathan has specialized in IELTS preparation for about 10 years, helping hundreds of students in Singapore pass their IELTS exam for further studies and immigration (to Australia, Canada, UK, US, etc.)

He believes that focus and specialization would enable him to be a better IELTS teacher and help more students pass their IELTS exam. As a result of his IELTS classes, nearly 400 students have passed their IELTS exam in the past few years.

These days, he still thinks about how he can improve his already very effective IELTS materials, notes and teachings. New ideas of how he can help students even further come to him regularly and in his free time he works on implementing these ideas - coming up with a new strategy or better materials, etc.

1st 20 Ppl Get S$200 Off (Coupon: 200OFF)

Do You Really Need IELTS Preparation Classes?

You don't need IELTS classes if you're willing to spend a lot of time by yourself figuring out how to do well in your IELTS exam.

You also don't need IELTS classes if you're OK with failing many times (and spending a lot of your time and money in the meantime) before finally passing.

If time and money is important to you, then I'd recommend you find a good IELTS preparation class that has proven results (like mine!) as that will cut short your learning process and probably save you a lot of time and money.

This is what Jason messaged me a while back:

Jason realized that he could prepare and improve by himself, but it took over 2 years and 7 tries for him to improve a mere 0.5 from 6.0 to 6.5. So he decided to attend my IELTS classes as he didn't want to spend another 2 years and 7 tries to move from 6.5 to the 7.0 he needed.

This is his message to me after attending my classes and getting his 7.0:

This is a small fraction of the list of my ex-students who failed their IELTS exam at least once before attending my classes and then finally passing after. They either tried to study by themselves, or went to other IELTS classes.

These students could have saved between S$700 and S$5,000 had they come to my classes first, prepared properly and applied everything I taught them!

In the above list, many students didn't want to take IELTS preparation classes because they wanted to save some money and thought they could just prepare by themselves. The result, unfortunately, is that they spent much more money and wasted a lot of time trying to do it by themselves!

So the question you need to ask yourselves if you're wondering if you need IELTS preparation classes is, "Do I want to save my time and money?"

IELTS University Online Course

S$500 (US$350)

  • First 20 people: S$200 Off (i.e. S$300 instead of S$500) [Coupon: 200OFF]
  • Access to All 4 Modules (LRWS)
  • 30+ hrs Video Teaching, 200+ pages of Notes, 50+ hrs of homework 
  • WhatsApp Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get my desired score after taking this online IELTS course?

What's the difference between your IELTS classes and others?

Can I just purchase one component of the course like the Writing (or Reading, etc.) component?

Is your course for General Training or Academic IELTS? Is it for the Paper-Based (PB) or Computer-Delivered (CD) format?

I have other questions for you. How can I reach you?

A Final Note!

Thank you for taking the time to read more about my IELTS course. If you have any questions about this course, please feel free to contact me through Whatsapp at +65 9768 1054 or click the button below.

My IELTS course is something that I've been working on for many years and I am continuously making it better in order to help even more students improve and pass their IELTS exam.

If you're serious about passing your IELTS exam, my advice is to start as early as you can. There are many hours of videos and activities / exercises so the sooner you start, the more prepared you'll be by the time you take your exam!

I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

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